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Cheap Floating Bedside Tables


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Here you will find top quality Floating Bedside tables available in a range of designs from small, 2 drawers to large.


• A stunning collection of floating bedsides with and without drawers Drawer made from different materials including pine, MDF, oak and hardwood.


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Artisan 2 Drawer Curved Wall Mounted Oak-ish Bedside


Artisan 2 Drawer Curved Wall Mounted Oak-ish Bedside

Sandringham Oak and Grey Night Stand (a) PT50002 -

Sandringham Oak and Grey Bedside Table


Affordable Floating Bedside Tables 2022


Floating bedside tables are a new trend in furniture that has become increasingly popular due to their clever design and practicality.


If you want to add some style to your room, you can quickly get a floating bedside table or nightstand. These tables are an ideal choice for every type of room.

There are many benefits of floating tables beside couches and bedside tables. Below are just a few:


  • Floating bedside tables are a great way to make a small space seem bigger.
  • They also allow people to move around the bed without bumping into furniture, which may be helpful for those who have limited mobility.
  • Floating nightstands can give you more storage space for books, glasses of water, magazines, and remotes.
  • Available in several Chic modern designs as well as more traditional looks


Design Considerations of floating bedside tables


A floating bedside table is a practical and versatile piece of furniture that can be moved around the room as needed.


For small spaces or those that don't have a lot of floor space, these tables are ideal as they are wall-mounted, so they do not take up any floor space, which is perfect at hovering times.


They also offer a beautiful table for holding candles, flowers, glasses, or other decorative items. As well as being equipped with drawers to put stuff away.


What materials are floating bedsides made of?


As with all bedroom furniture floating bedsides are made out of several different materials.


Oak floating bedside tables


OAK floating bedside tables provide a lot of additional storage space. They are highly durable and can be found in many designs and styles.


This includes single shelves and drawers to those with multiple drawers.


Many people have a side table on either side of their bed, with floating tabs; you can have them wall mounted on both ends for either user.


MDF floating bedside tables


MDF Floating bedside tables are an excellent option for anyone looking to create extra space in their home. The style is both practical and elegant, and the surface area is large enough to hold a lamp, alarm clock, drink, and anything else you may need next to your bed.


If you're looking for a way to clean up your bedroom without sacrificing storage space or comfort, consider adding floating bedside tables.


Hardwood floating bedside tables


Since minimalist style has been popular for the last few years, hardwood floating bedside tables have become very popular.


These cute tables can be used in any living & bedroom space, and they will look great. They are also a great way to save space because they offer a simple and elegant way to put decoration and storage around your bed.


What sizes do floating besides come in?


Floating bedside tables are space-saving pieces of furniture; this convenience is helpful for those with limited floor space due to their home's layout or living situation.


Floating bedside tables come in various shapes and sizes, but more importantly, they are convenient for couples or singles looking for a nightstand solution.


Floating shelves are a great way to display various items in your home. The size of the floating shelf depends on what you will show.


Small floating bedside tables


Every home needs a bedside table. If you are tight on space, there are many options for keeping your bedroom organized without taking up valuable floor space.


Small floating bedside tables not only save space but also provide storage. If you are only after a place to put a phone book or a cup of tea, small floating bedsides are ideal for you.


2 drawers floating bedside tables


Floating bedsides are an option for those who cannot afford the space for a separate dresser. These drawers are ideally placed beside a bed to use as a handy place to keep all your essential bedtime stuff and used as nightstands.


The two drawers make it easy to store items out the way, reducing clutter and providing a storage solution.


Floating bedside table with drawer and shelf


Do you want a bedside table with some storage? The floating bedside table with drawer and shelf is the perfect solution.


It's small enough, but it has a drawer and shelf to hold everything from your phone to your reading glasses. A floating bedside table is a perfect solution for small living spaces.


This table has enough room for a drawer and shelf to store items when not in use, and it will look good anywhere in your home.


Made of high-quality wood, this table will last for years and look great in any room.


Large floating bedside tables


Many people enjoy a spacious bedroom, and however, it can be challenging to find space for a bedside table.


Large Floating bedside tables are a great way to fill the empty space next to your bed with a functional and decorative piece.


Large floating bedside tables come in many different shapes and sizes. Most have shelves or drawers to store books, medicines, or other things you need close by.


Summing up our floating bedside tables range


Floating bedside tables are an excellent idea for anyone who has limited space, and it gives you the option of storage on either side of the bed.


They also have more surface area for additional items, ensuring that nothing is cluttering up your bedroom.


Our range includes many different designs, colours, materials and shapes to help you find the best floating table for your room!