Check out our Top 5 mirrored corner wardrobes selection for you!

Top 5 Mirrored Corner Wardrobes selection for 2022



When it comes to the interior design of a room, there are many furniture variations to choose from.


A popular trend of the modern-day is mirrored corner wardrobes. This trend can now be seen in many homes all across the country.


Cheap mirrored corner wardrobes are a perfect way to make your bedroom look more prominent and give it an open feel without sacrificing storage.


With the ability to see all of your clothing and accessories at once, there is no need to feel rushed in the morning because you will know precisely what you need to put on.


No more last-minute decisions or bad outfits!


When placed in a bedroom, the mirrored doors provide an extra dimension to the décor and make it seem like there’s much more space.


This is even better for people who have limited space and use corner wardrobes to maximize their rooms.


Wardrobe with mirror 1
Wardrobe with mirror

Benefits of Mirored Corner Wardrobes


There are many benefits to corner wardrobes that have mirrored doors.


Mirroring wardrobes is also an affordable way to update your home without spending too much money.


They offer a variety of designs that are suitable for many types of homes.


Whether your room is small or large, you can add some of these wardrobes to a corner of your room to open up space.


Benefits of mirrored corner wardrobes:


  • A mirrored corner wardrobe has numerous including giving a room a sleek look and making it feel more open.
  • They are a great addition to a home but also work well in an apartment or small bedroom.
  • These wardrobes can be adapted to fit into any corner, allowing them to fill the space where other storage solutions may not work.
  • Mirrored corner wardrobes are a great way to add a classy and contemporary look to your bedroom.
  • They make it easy to find clothes by equal shelving on both ends, and some can be transformed from a walk-in closet to an area where you get ready for the day.



Below is our list of 5 best-mirrored corner wardrobes for 2022!


1. Rauch Essensa Corner Wardrobe


guide to Corner Wardrobe Sets

Rauch Essensa Corner wardrobe is available with plain or mirrored doors.


Savour the Rauch Essensa’s corner wardrobe’s elegant look and striking aesthetics.


This elegant wardrobe is a straightforward approach that captures attention by its formality.


It is available as a mirrored corner wardrobe and designed in a clever way to take up very little space in your home.


It can offer an easy way to add storage and style to any room that might be missing either of those two things.


The incredible design of the furniture is just as fascinating as Essensa’s functionality—-it has many handy features too.


When you’re remodelling your home or looking for a new wardrobe, it’s worth considering the Rauch Essena.


Features and Specs:


  • Dimensions
  • Available Width: 33cm, 100cm, 117cm
  • Available Height: 210cm, 229cm
  • Available Depth: 40cm
  • Material: MDF and Chipboard
  • Assembly: Flat Packed
  • Mirrored doors
  • Short or long handle versions
  • Check out the latest offers now


3 Rauch Essensa 7 Door Combi L Shaped Wardrobe in Metallic Grey and White
3 Rauch Essensa 7 Door Combi L Shaped Wardrobe in Metallic Grey and White


2. Rauch Celle 2 Mirror Door Corner Wardrobe In Sanremo Oak Light and High Gloss White


3 Rauch Celle 2 Mirror Door Corner Wardrobe In Sanremo Oak Light and High Gloss White W
3 Rauch Celle 2 Mirror Door Corner Wardrobe In Sanremo Oak Light and High Gloss White


Rauch Celle 2 Mirror Door Corner Wardrobe In Sanremo Oak Light and High Gloss White is a perfect 5-star piece of furniture you can find through our partners.


The wardrobes provide plenty of storage space for your clothes and are also designed with a mirrored door.


The mirror door not only looks classy but is also extremely practical, as it saves space by removing the need for a separate standalone mirror

it has plenty of internal storage for all your accessories and other items.


This closet is pleasingly designed with multiple storage areas to store both clothes and shoes. It offers double doors with full-length mirrors, as well as hanging rails for keeping hangers organized.


Features and Specs:


  • Dimensions: Packs Collection
  • Available Width: 47cm, 117cm
  • Available Height: 197cm, 210cm
  • Available Depth: 32cm, 117cm
  • Material: MDF and Chipboard
  • Assembly: Flat Packed
  • Plain or mirrored doors
  • Different colours available
  • Free Delivery and multi-buy discounts
  • Check out the latest offers now




3. Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe with Mirrored Doors


Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe 2
Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe


Customers looking for a beautiful yet functional piece of furniture for their home should consider the Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe.


Made out of durable MDF & chipboard, this wardrobe is elegant in its design and sturdy in its construction.


There is plenty of space to store all of your clothes and other items with mirrored doors, multiple shelves, and hanging rails.


The Rauch-Rivera Corner Wardrobe is a stunning piece of furniture that can make your bedroom look more spacious. A key feature of this wardrobe is its full-length mirrors on each door.


The Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe is one of the most popular wardrobes out there. With its sleek white finish, this wardrobe can fit into any bedroom setting.


Specifications & Features:

  • 2 door mirrored corner wardrobe to fit into any bedroom
  • Internal shelves
  • Hanging rails
  • Available Width: 91cm, 117cm
  • Available Height: 212cm
  • Available Depth: 91cm, 117cm
  • Material: MDF and Chipboard
  • Assembly: Flat Packed
  • Free Delivery
  • Multi-buy Discounts
  • Check out the latest offers now


Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe 1 Door 1
Rauch Rivera Corner Wardrobe Door 1 Version


4. Wiemann Loft Corner Wardrobe Mirrored


Wiemann Loft Corner Wardrobe


The Wemann Loft Corner Wardrobe is a modern and sleek design that is functional and affordable and looks great in any house room.


It is available in different sizes, with drawers, shelves and hanging rails, making it perfect for any bedroom.


These models can be customized to include adjustable shelves and drawers, door pulls, and more.


The Wiemann Loft Corner Wardrobe is a beautiful design for people looking to maximize their space in their bedroom.


It features a modern, spacious design that will work well with any type of decor.


The piece is made of quality materials that will last for years to come.


The manufacturers pride themselves on their custom service– and customer’s orders can be made specifically to accommodate the individual needs of their space.


Wiemann Loft Corner Wardrobe Features and specs:


  • Numerous storage options to choose from
  • Wardrobes shelves and drawers
  • Corner wardrobes and wall styles
  • Hanging rails for coats etc
  • Store shoes, bags and other accessories
  • Perfect for the master bedroom
  • Free delivery and multi-buy discounts
  • Available Width For Wardrobe: 93cm, 130cm,
  • Available Height: 216cm, 236cm
  • Available Depth: 93cm, 127cm
  • Assembly: Flat Packed
  • Free delivery
  • Multi-buy options
  • Check out the latest offers now



5. Wiemann VIP Westside Corner Wardrobe


Wiemann VIP Westside Corner Wardrobe 1
Wiemann VIP Westside Corner Wardrobe



Wiemann Luxury Closets specializes in custom-made cabinetry and closet systems for a variety of environments.


This Wiemann VIP corner wardrobe is perfect for a bedroom, office, or any other space that can utilize a larger piece of furniture.


Made from solid materials that are sure to last for years to come, this piece will be a lovely addition to your home.


The Wiemann VIP Westside Corner Wardrobe is a stylish, sleek solution to organizing your clothes.


This wardrobe cabinet is finished in white, black, Havanna, dark and light rustic oak, and door fronts in black and white.


If you are after a fine piece of furniture, this wardrobe set is perfect for any bedroom.


When it comes to personal storage solutions, sometimes there are times when you need a little more space. Wiemann VIP Westside Corner Wardrobe gives the perfect solution to any office or home.


Corner Wardrobe Features and specs:


  • Dimensions: Available Width: 93cm, 130cm
  • Available Height: 216cm, 236m
  • Available Depth: 216cm
  • Assembly: Flat Packed
  • Free delivery
  • Multi-buy options
  • Check out the latest offers now


Final words on Mirrored Corner Wardrobes


If you are looking for a modern wardrobe, mirrored wardrobes can be one of the best choices.


They are great to help clean up the mess in your room, but they are also great for adding a more modern look.


They are very versatile because they can be used in many different ways.


They can make your home feel bigger, cleaner, and more current.

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